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О, жизнь, ты прекрасна вполне

"Tuomas, you're crazy as a loon, but the idea's amazing!"
"This project is as interesting as it gets!"
"The movie and the music will live long into the future!"

For the movie, Nightwish have teamed up with director Stober Harju's production team and Solar Films.

"I could simply see the end of a certain path looming in the horizon and started thinking about new challenges. At some point I had a revelation: is there a reason why Nighwish should be just an aural experience? Why shouldn't we broaden our horizons?"

"Basically I gave Stobe thirteen pearls, and he crafted a whole pearl necklace out of them."

An old composer on his deathbed returns to his childhood. Old memories slowly return, mingled with the small boy's world of fantasy and music. This is the main concept that we can reveal at the moment. I wanted to convey a positive message and a sense of carpe diem. The movie is about the joy of being alive and the beauty of the world.

We're just about to start casting, but it's mostly going to be done by Stobe and Solar Films. Personally, I'd like to see unknown actors, who haven't been type-casted yet. Obviously it would be good if they were native English speakers, too, because "rally English" really doesn't fit the tone of the movie.

Nightwish basically appear as themselves, as we're probably going to be seen playing two or three songs in the movie. There are also some support parts and dialogue written for us, but obviously you won't see us in the main roles. The running time will be about 80 minutes, maybe even a bit more.

"What's probably interesting for the listeners is that the music on the album and in the movie will differ a bit — in the movie, some intros are edited out, some choruses don't have vocals, and so forth. In the movie, the music obviously has to accommodate the story and the drama."

"If everything goes smoothly, we plan to release the album in early 2012, followed by the movie when it's ready. It's going to be on DVD at least, but hopefully we'll also get a theatrical release. And of course Imaginarium will later be available as a double pack with both the album and the movie."

Tuomas Holopainen

"Tuomas called me late in the summer of 2008 and was like, "Hi, Stobe, do you have time to talk about a couple of music videos? Actually, we're going to shoot a video for each song on the next album." I immediately thought that the poor guy has lost it."

"After about six months I had refined the story in my mind to the point that I needed to ask Tuomas what he would think about my new idea: why should we split the story into separate music videos? Why not make a movie, because the stories fit together so good? And that's what we decided to do. I've got to admit that it has felt weird and even crazy at times, because nobody has done something like this before. But basically the vibe has been great, because this project is as interesting as it gets."

"Imaginarium is pure fantasy and also pretty much encompasses everything that Nightwish stand for. Personally, I think that Imaginarium is the visual representation of the things they want to portray in their music, so in other words, the idea is to make the movie look as much like Nightwish as possible."

"We wanted to find a fresh angle and a main character and eventually thought about an old man and the story of his life. In the movie, his current life blends with his childhood fantasies, and along the way, we might wonder what our adult life has become after our imagination was stifled. As adults, we no longer remember the time when the snow hill on our backyard was the tallest mountain in the world. The symbolism gets pretty difficult at times, but the music of Nighwish is not easy either! You can interpret Nightwish in a number of ways, and the movie is no different."

"Tuomas is obviously the executive producer of the music, and he will approve the variations in the songs heard in the movie (compared to the album versions), but there's also going to be some things written by Petri Alanko, of course heavily inspired by the spirit of Nightwish."

"There's also going to be two Nightwish songs heard on the background of the dialogue, so they're used more like a movie score. Obviously the music still carries the story during those moments, although it gives a bit more room to the dialogue."

Stobe Harju

"I expect the movie to become a modern classic. I also believe that the movie and the music will live long into the future."

Markus Selin

Слов нет, одни эмоции!! Дразнят, ох драааазнят! Жаль только, что дата релиза перенеслась. Т_Т

@музыка: Nightwish - Ever Dream

@темы: Nightwish

2011-02-23 в 21:35 

шовгайте на темную сторону силы, тетя сара сготовила мацы!
деррррржацца! Т____Т

2011-02-23 в 21:37 

О, жизнь, ты прекрасна вполне

2011-02-24 в 02:56 

My Lost Lenore
The story of my life in trying times
даааааааааа, с датой релиза расстроили... но зато как остальным всем порадовали!!!!

2011-02-24 в 03:25 

О, жизнь, ты прекрасна вполне
Ameli_Veland, у меня были такие смешанные чувства после прочтения интервью: вроде и прыгаешь до потолка от восторга, и в то же время хочешь рыдать от того, что увидишь это все еще позже, чем планировалось. :rolleyes:

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